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For many it is a dream to study, work or live in abroad. But, before investing time and money one must understand the functioning and regulations of immigration industry.

We at B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd believe in providing quality services to our clients and candidates with utmost transparency. Being one the leading organization in Indian market we understand our responsibility towards the society and hence, we would like to present a genuine frame-work of our services.

We have been successfully processing hundreds of applications of our candidates across the globe for multiple opportunities like; higher education, paid internships, professional trainings, temporary work, permanent residency and more. However, this is not an easy task; we face various hurdles in this process and it is important for applicants to understand the same as well. Because, we can only succeed when, participants and our organization will have mutual trust among each other.


There are various stages a file goes through:

Stage 1:

It takes 15 days to 1 month to prepare and entire file which includes; Resume writing, documentation, writing cover letters, preparatory training etc. once the entire file is completed then we forward the same to the sponsor/business associate/host employer. (Time frame for preparation of a file differs from country to country).

Stage 2:

Once sponsor/business associate/host employer receives an applicant’s file it would further develop the application and add more details into the file. Once the file is completed as per given parameters then, they would arrange the first round of interview. After successful interview sponsor’s will forward the profile to various employers associated with it organization. We are bound to provide all information asked by the sponsor/business associates/employers and we cannot force them to do any special favors for our candidates. However, we may request them regarding our requirements.

Stage 3:

Host Employers will then, check the eligibility of the candidates and will then, arrange an interview with the prospect candidate. Once the candidate is selected then, the employer will send the offer letter along with other important documents required for visa application. Employers do not compromise with quality and we have no direct control over employer’s decision. But, we make sure that our candidates are well trained so to clear employers interview.

Stage 4:

After receiving the offer letter ; visa application will be submitted (apart than Service charges, candidates would have to separately pay for visa fees, any immigration or government fees, air fare, insurance premium.) After visa submission it may take 30 – 90 days to get the result of the application. However, one must be clear in understanding that, any party; employer, sponsor or B.S.B International doesn’t have any right to interfere in immigration department’s work, application processing and decisions.

Following chart is a graphical representation of the entire processing of a file from registration to visa application; this is mere an example, processing time may vary depending on the country of application.

Denotations: Green represents areas which are in total control of B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd. Yellow and Orange is where our interference decreases simultaneously. And Pink is denoted for immigration regulations and norms having zero interference by any one. Blue is for successful visa grant and red is to denote refusals.


Who’s who?

Sponsor: In lay mans language we can say that, a Sponsor is usually a legal entity (NGO) having the authority to nominate eligible candidates to apply for certain types of visas. Sponsors are mostly licensed by government.

Business Associate/Recruitment Firm: There are various licensed foreign recruitment firms functioning; these firms arrange employment, internship and training placements for foreign nationals. Usually they collaborate with various foreign employers and hire professionals and interns for these employers from across the globe.

Host Employer: In simple terms; host employer is the organization, company, hotel or a business set-up where the participants/candidates work. Many a times we deal directly with host employers. We place professionals with such organizations directly as per their given job orders.

Depending on country to country we work with either or all of above stated bodies; for eg:

Foreign University/Institute: An educational/academic body where foreign students can apply to pursue their education in their own field of interest.

Our Second Segment is for ABROAD EDUCATION:

Contrasting from Abroad internships and temporary work; abroad education segment has a different process

Stage 1:

After registration, candidates would need to appear for IELTS/TOEFL/GRE/GMAT/SAT (depending on eligibility criteria of country to country). In the mean while, our operations team will start preparing your file which includes; application forms, documentations, SOP, cover letters, and other formalities for making an application. Once filling is complete then, we would forward the application to the institute/university

Stage 2:

After receiving the application institute/university will review all necessary information and will revert to seek any extra information (if required). Once, the application is of satisfactory level then, they will issue conditional offer letter to the candidate/student.

Stage 3:

After receiving the conditional offer letter, candidate/student would have to pay the fees. Usually initially fee is paid for one semester; (but at times it may depend on the norms of university/institute) After successful payment of fee to the institute; candidate/student would receive confirmation letter ; fees must be paid directly to the university/institute by the student. (We do provide guidance is candidate is unable to do it by self)

Stage 4:

Visa application – after successful admission and other formalities, we provide complete assistance in submission of visa application. Our expert team of visa officers gives all necessary guidance to the student while appearing for visa interview. (Visa interview is not mandatory for all countries) We help the student is correctly presenting documents such as; Financial proof, SOP, application, offer letter, acknowledgement of fee payment. Once, visa is being granted by the immigration department then, we help the candidate in pre-departure orientation.

Denotations: Green represents areas which are in total control of B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd. Yellow and Orange is where our interference decreases simultaneously. And Pink is denoted for immigration regulations and norms having zero interference by any one. Blue is for successful visa grant and red is to denote refusals.

Note: Above chart is a graphical representation of the entire processing of a file from registration to visa application; this is mere an example, processing time may vary depending on the country of application.


With the above presentation of process and possibilities, we intent to provide the clear picture of processing and hence, we request all the candidates to understand one very important fact that, we are not there to guarantee a job, admission or visa grant. We provide services to guide applicants interested to go to abroad for their respective interests. But, we do maintain strict eligibility norms, follow

immigration regulations and policies, and do not over commit. Our responsibility is to apply for suitable positions and opportunities for our candidates and then to assist them in visa application, pre-departure preparation and post landing guidance.

It is an organized service and we request everyone to not to have wrong ideas about the processing of applications instead one must have clear and standard expectations. Any of our candidate’s time, money and career is very important for us. Therefore, we make sure that, every candidate understands the facts before deciding and investing in the process of his/her dream of studying, working, or living in abroad.

Transparent process and educating the customer are core values of organization in terms of providing genuine service to the society.

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I got my visa grant in the month of August. Needless to say that, B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd is a very professional and transparent consultancy. They always pointed out my limitations and helped me to overcome most of it. With regular grooming sessions I developed confidence and knowledge about international work culture. I am all set to fly to USA to work for a reputed hotel as a trainee under J-1 category. I wish B.S.B all the best and hope they will keep up the good work in future. I would highly recommend aspired hoteliers to meet with B.S.B counselors in Kolkata office.

Rahul Rana - USA

I am hotel management student. While studying I came across many faculties and seniors who have shared their experience of working in foreign countries with reputed hotels. These people inspired me to think about applying for professional training in hospitality in abroad especially in USA. Through the help of my friends I connected with one counselor of B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd in Kolkata office; rest they took care of; first they trained me well to face interviews with international sponsors and employers. Their grooming sessions are really very good. After few months of process I got to appear for 2-3 interviews followed by visa application. I recently appeared for my visa interview and B.S.B trainers helped me in understanding the process of selection and interviews hence, I successfully received my visa approval and looking forward to fly in coming few days time. I would like to thank B.S.B for all their support and assistance in my USA J-1 visa application.

Pintu Kumar - USA

I had no pre-determined objective to travel abroad, but, after seeing some of my friends doing well in foreign countries I got inspired to try my luck. I had absolutely no idea about the formalities and process involved in visa or work applications. Once, I received a mail from B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd sating some opportunity for China. I found it interesting and contacted their office manager. Since then, things have changed for better. I got approval for Chinese multi entry visa. I am thankful to B.S.B and its team for being patient with me when I was too amateur to face interviews; they helped me to become well groomed and result is clearly in favor. Thank you B.S.B

Kazi Giyasuddin - China

Like many other I too had a dream to travel abroad and learn new things. It is true that, earning is very important to survive and maintain our living in abroad. B.S.B offered me an exciting opportunity in China. As I wanted to stay close to my homeland and also wanted solution suitable to my budget. With the help of B.S.B I am now well placed in China doing my work and earning well. My family people are happy and it was all possible with B.S.B international Career Pvt Ltd services.

Sanjay Prasad - China

It was my friend Yankee who applied for USA J-1 visa along with me. We both got our visa grant in the month of June-July 2015. Officials of B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd provided regular updates to us regarding our application and the best part was they always entertained our calls and met us on regular basis, hence, we trusted their efforts and eventually we were successful. I would like to thank them for their un-parallel service. I would be undergoing my 12 months J-1 training in USA from 2015 – 16. Even after completion I would like to be in touch with them for further career guidance.

Rinchen Dolma Bhutia

While studying hotel management in Kolkata some of my friends suggested me to meet with counselors of B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd. I was fortunate to receive approval of my visa application for J-1. I am very happy with the kind of service they have provided me. I cordially thank their entire team. Though I had been interviewed several times and there was a time when I was losing hope but, they kept me motivated and finally the result was fruitful. I would surely recommend other young hospitality aspirants to seek career guidance form B.S.B

Yankee Tamang

Post completion of my Hotel Management degree I had been looking for opportunities to gain international experience; while searching through various sources I got to know about B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd. It was not an easy task to face interviews with international hotels but, B.S.B team had guided me well and with arranged various sessions where they taught me about expectations of international employers. Today I have been granted with USA J-1 visa for 12 months and I am truly thankful to B.S.B team for their consulting services which has led me to fulfil my dream to work in abroad.

Sajith Vattamparambil

I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to the B.S.B International Career Pvt ltd for their impeccable services. While working as a steward in Malaysia I contacted B.S.B International Career Pvt ltd regarding better overseas opportunities; they did a thorough analysis of my profile and suggested me to apply for USA J1 Internship. It was a very smooth and efficient processing of my application along with detailed training being provided to me related to all possible aspects of USA J1 Internships. I got interviewed by one of the most renowned sponsors. B.S.B International Career Pvt ltd had signed a legal agreement with me stating all the terms & conditions clearly in it. It was a truly a professional experience and I submit my humble appreciation to the team B.S.B because of whom, now pursuing my internship & training program in USA with a renowned property and I believe I have got the right kind of assistance required for successful processing of J1 application which is indeed a very process oriented program and it would not have been possible to complete it without expert solutions of B.S.B International Career Pvt ltd.


After completing my bachelor’s degree in hotel management, I applied for J1 – Visa (USA), through B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd along with few of my friends; perhaps, it was a sensible decision and because of their quality service and grooming facilities today I have successfully received my VISA grant and I would flying very soon by the end of November 2014. I thank you all members of B.S.B for all the assistance for past few months.


Being hotel management student it was always my dream to travel abroad to develop my skills upto international standards. I had approcahed B.S.B International Career Pvt Ltd (CHANDIGARH); they offered me an exciting paid internship program in China. I got my visa in the month of October 2014. I wish team B.S.B all the best and thank you all for making my oveseas dream come true.